We are the leading facility management firm with a long history in Greater China

Beginning in the early 1950s, ESG has been developed into a pioneer of single-site and multi-site facility management provider. In our journey of over 65 years, we have helped our clients to operate facilities efficiently and reliably, by offering them value-added services and flexible solutions


Headquartered in Shanghai and Hong Kong, today ESG is one of the largest facility management service providers in Greater China area with 15 branches and over 20,000 professionals working in more than 30 China’s major cities. We are recognized as a valued partner for providing cost-effective and outstanding services for the world’s reputable brands. Drawing on our rich history, we will continue to work hard and look forward to provide innovative solutions for you.


Explore our history and see how we have evolved from a niche servicing company in Hong Kong to the leading facility management firm with a major presence in Greater China area.






Celebration of the opening of new office in Hong Kong


The group becomes the service provider of for Shanghai Disney Theme Park


The group acquires Scientific Pest Management (H.K.) Ltd


The group becomes the service provider of facility management for Shanghai Disney Resort and its office complexes. In the same year, the group begins to extend the scope to catering and indoor environmental quality business by purchasing Shanghai German Industrial and Hong Kong Facility Solutions Co.Ltd


The Chengdu and Nanjing branch of Shanghai Reliance, Jiaxing Reliance Management Ltd and the Shenzhen branch of Reliance Shanghai are established. The group makes steady progress towards Shenzhen market


Sichuan Reliance Property Services Ltd and its branch in Nanjing and Jiaxing Reliance Catering Management Co., Ltd are established


The group becomes the main service provider for Shanghai World EXPO. In the same year, Watson Hygiene Services is established Ltd


The group becomes the main service provider for Beijing Olympic. In the same year, Shanghai Reliance West Environmental Services Ltd is established


The group opens 2 more branches: Shanghai Reliance at Suzhou and Nancheng


The group establishes Sichuan Reliance jointly with Chengdu Airport. In the same year, the group also establishes Shanghai Reliance Environmental Service Co., Ltd


The group purchases the property management business from the Chinese State-owned enterprises and establishes Reliance Property Services. The group also strengthens the security business by acquiring Hangzhou Wuzhou Technology and establishing Zhejiang Wuzhou Reliance


The year marks a great leap forward with the establishment of ESG Holdings to further expand the scale. The group also cooperates with Shanghai Huizhong Automobile and Jiangxing City Government to set up SHAC Reliance and Jiaxing Reliance respectively for business expansion. SembCorp Reliance is established with Singapore SembCorp Group


The group opens 2 more branches: Beijing Reliance and Nanjing Reliance with Nanjing Jianghai Group


The group expands its reach to Hang Zhou and establishes Hang Zhou Reliance


The group enters a new stage of rapid development and starts to provide services to Shanghai Pudong Airport. Watson Environmental Management Ltd is established to serve Hong Kong market in the same year


The group takes important steps to expand operations in China and acquires the mainland businesses from Jardine Matheson


Shanghai Reliance, another new branch, is jointly established by the group and Shanghai Environmental Sanitation Bureau


The group expands its reach to Guangdong area and jointly established Shekou Reliance with China Merchants Group


Shenzhen Reliance, our first joint venture company in China is set up to cope with new business growth


The group leverages business opportunities and establishes Reliance with Jardine Matheson

The early 1950s

The Hong Kong Social Services Company is first established by Mr. Kasim Wilson Tuet Wai Sin in Hong Kong