CEO's Message

Facility management is crucial for today's businesses. The purpose of ESG is to bring our clients new ideas and solutions for their facilities that continue to enhance operational performances



Reliance, the brand of ESG, began its journey in Hong Kong and has been providing facility management services for more than 60 years since the early 1950s. After we established Shanghai Reliance in 1994, it took us about ten years of hard work to grow from a local operation into the reputable enterprise known today in the fields of facility management. With our technology and know-how built over the years, ESG now possesses capabilities that are unmatched in our industry to address our clients’ most pressing needs. Our vision is to become the clear leader of facility management in Greater China Region. Driven by such a vision, we are working relentlessly to provide practical, flexible and comprehensive maintenance and facility management solutions, while delivering service excellence to our clients.


Our success has been made possible by our team and our talented employees. At the same time, we are also very happy to have Primavera Capital as our new shareholder that joined us in early 2018. Today, ESG has enhanced its business network in more than 30 cities in the whole China including Hong Kong and Macau. Our network is stronger than ever, along with our scale and experience across a wide range of service scope, means we can help more clients become more efficient and productive. It is these competitive advantages that build our capabilities and allow us to grow from a cleaning service firm to an integrated facility management enterprise with a complete line of professional services including property management, security, catering, hygiene management, pest management and indoor environmental quality services.


Looking ahead, I am confident that we are progressing in the right direction under the leadership of our main shareholders. In the next five to ten years, we will continue to develop our long-term service business so to cope with the challenging market demands. We will also work towards global expansion. Finally, I would like to thank our employees for their continued commitment and hard work. They are the devoted professionals who put ESG’s values at the centre of their work that help us to grow. On behalf of ESG, I would like to ask for your support and encouragement.


Thank you.


Ling Yong Fu
Group CEO of ESG